Monday, 28 January 2013

Nars Andy Warhol Palette

As I was spending four weeks away over the Christmas period, my parents gave me an early Christmas gift to go away with. I'd asked for this a few weeks before and the day before I left they gave it to me. I was really pleased to receive this, especially as it's not the cheapest palette.  

I do love the NARS brand, as well as Andy Warhol, so when I heard they were coming out with an Andy Warhol collection I knew I would end up buying something from it. There were lots of variations of palette's, three different self portrait palettes and three different flower palette's. I chose this one as I loved the design and the colours I'm more likely to use, it's perfect for a smokey eye and being quite compact is great for travel and putting in your makeup bag. I have so much eyeshadow already in lots of different colours and I'm not that adventurous with it so I knew if I'd gone for the colourful ones it would never get used. Black is something I usually use, even as eyeliner.

The packaging is great on this, I'm a fan of the matte black NARS packaging already (even though it gets so dirty!) Instead of the normal black box, this comes in a silver one with Andy Warhol written across it. The same design is seen on the actual palette. On the mirror inside there is a quote "Art is what you can get away with", this was such a nice detail but also manages not to take up much of the mirror so isn't so distracting. The quotes are different on every palette. 

The portrait on this is unfortunately an overspray so it will eventually rub off. I've bee trying to keep it there for as long as I can, it's just too nice of a picture :) As for the eyeshadows themselves, I've only used them a few times but they are really easy to apply and work with. The two grey/silver shadows are very shimmery as you can see in the above photo but the black has more of a matte finish. It's not fully matte though and does have some small glitter pieces, nothing too noticeable. 

The NARS Andy Warhol collection has much much more on offer than just these palettes. I've been looking at the edie gift set for a while now but I'm trying to hold back from buying it! It is limited edition though, so if you do find anything you like I would get it now. The collection is still available from  and

Have you tried anything from the Andy Warhol Collection yet? What is your favourite NARS product?


  1. wow this looks lovely - i love Nars Eyeshadows - will have to have a look at this as im a massive art geek ;) love the quote on the mirror too xx

  2. Looks so nice!! I don't think I would be able to use it because it's so pretty! :O

    - Andrea Marie xx

  3. This look so pretty, and yes, almost too pretty to use!!

    Found your blog via the Monday Beauties Blog Hop - Great blog –
    I’m a new follower.
    Hope you will check out my blog too!

  4. That looks so cool, I wouldn't want to use it x

  5. I haven't, but this seems awesome, so would love to get this actually :)
    I just found your blog by the way, through the Monday blog hop, so you have a new follower!
    If you have time, I'd appreciate it if you could check out my blog too:

  6. This looka really cool haha!


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