Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara

I've wanted to try out this mascara for a while now and I managed to pick it up in the states sometime last year. It's currently not available in the UK but places like ebay might have it. This mascara was created by Japanese TV personality to try and create more of a curl in straight lashes. The first thing that attracted me to this was the shape of the brush, I'd never seen a brush shape like this. Before buying I'd watched numerous youtube videos where people swore by this mascara and thought it was the best thing, so I was hoping it would have a similar effect on my lashes.

There's been so much hype around this mascara I wanted to see for myself if it lived up to it. I've had a while to try it out now and I just can't get it to work for me. The first thing I noticed was the fibre's in the brush, these are supposed to lengthen your lashes. I found them incredibly annoying. The brush itself it too soft for me, I can't feel it on my lashes so can't really tell if it's coating them properly. The other thing is that it clumps like crazy on my lashes, I hate the clumpy '3 thick lashes' look. There is a difference between clumpiness and volume and this just got on my nerves. Now I know this works for a lot of people, and helps hold a curl but this did nothing for me, I'm sad to say. Maybe it is because I have naturally long and curly lashes, I'm not sure but I won't be repurchasing this as it's not cheap.

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? 


  1. Hey Rachael! I've seen a video review of this recently (can't remember who by..) and they basically said the same as you!
    I've tried (and own) soooo many mascaras!
    Yet my go to favourite for years has been MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara - does the job perfectly every time, and I always hit myself for wasting money on other mascaras that I end up disliking haha!

    Rachael xxx

  2. I don't like the look of this brush - the mascara looks clumpy on it! If you're after curl I love Benefit They're Real, but it is expensive. The new 17 Doll'd Up mascara is a great budget buy!xx


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