Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Sales ft. Lush!

I know January is almost over (finally!) and the sales have pretty much come to an end but I thought I'd share with you the things I did get just after Christmas. I was away all over /christmas and new year and I knew I wanted to try and grab some stuff from the Lush sale this year. I know it's really popular and sells out fast and sometimes even crashes the server. As I was 8 hours behind the UK I was able to log on at 4pm instead of midnight to try and grab some bargains, this worked out in my favour as it meant I wasn't staying up all night! I managed to grab 3 gift sets, I didn't really look too much at what was in them to be honest but I trusted that they would be good items because I've never heard a bad thing about Lush and it gave me a chance to try out something new for a small price. 

I picked 3 gift sets. The house of fun, Winter Wonderland and Christmas candy.

The house of fun comes packaged in a cute house! Which is obviously full of fun inside.
Included in this gift set was:
Space girl bath ballistic
Whoosh shower Jelly
Party popper bath ballistic
Rocket reusable bubble bar

In the Winter Wonderland set was:
Dream Cream body Lotion
Snowcake soap

The Christmas candy set had:
Rock star soap
butterball bath ballistic
Snow Fairy shower gel
popcorn lip scrub
Candy mountain bubble bar

A lot of these items I've never used before, but I've been loving them all and a few I've used already. I was a bit worried about using the snow cake soap for the first time what with all that gold dust on it, I was afraid I'd get out the bath looking like a glittery stripper but thankfully this never happened! 

Did you manage to get your hands on any Lush goodies in the after Christmas sales?


  1. I've always had sensitive skin so I usually steer clear of fancy products but I really want to try Lush items. I've heard very good things! Great post ;)

  2. I got 2 of the Christmas candy sets in the sale. Great value aren't they? I found you through Blog hop & am now following. Great looking blog, i'm looking forward to reading it.

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