Sunday, 20 January 2013

Juicy Couture's new perfume! Couture La La

Juicy Couture recently debuted a new perfume called "Couture Lala" It's been out in the UK for a couple of weeks now but I was lucky enough to buy this back in early December where it premiered at Macy's. 

I love and own all of Juicy's fragrance's except one, that being Juicy Couture. I'm not sure what it is about the first perfume but it never really caught my attention, I know it's very popular in the makeup/perfume world but it just never did anything for me no matter how many times I smelled it or how much I wanted to love it I just didn't. So after spotting this on the Macy's website, and doing a little research I knew I had to smell this. Here's the promotional description:

A little punk rock, a lot of free spirit. She’s classic Juicy, unexpected, daring and always couture. Like the color pink, she is perfection. She is Couture La La. Couture La La blends bright sparkling mandarin with bold white florals for a fragrance experience that captures the essence of femininity and daring allure of the unexpected.

As with all Juicy Couture perfumes, they know how to make a bottle look amazingly pretty and this one doesn't fail to either. I love the backwards bow, and the pink bottle. It has been described as a tribute to the original Juicy Couture perfume but a more punk-rock up to date version of it. 

I've had this for nearly 2 months now so have had time to get to grips with it and while I like it, I was expecting something better from Juicy. It's a very 'nice' scent but I feel like it could have that bit more wowness to it, if that even makes sense. My favourite fragrance of theirs would definitely be Viva La Juicy and I know this is a big favourite of a lot of people, when you smell it it just has that wow factor. This for me is just ok. Of course I don't hate it by any means, it's a very nice day scent I think or even night, but it doesn't last very long on the skin, at least on me. Once on it just seems to fade. 

This is now available from most stores that carry Juicy Couture products.

Have you tried the new fragrance yet? What do you think? Is it a hit or a miss?

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  1. Thankyou for doing a review on this perfume! I've been so curious about it haha :)


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