Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bargain Shopping Haul

I'm probably not alone when I say I love sales, discounts and bargains when shopping. One store I like to go to every now and then is the boots clearance store. As the name says it's basically a big boots store with discounted items. This store can be very hit and miss, sometimes I'll go in and find lots of things I like other times there'll be nothing worth looking at. If I know I need a new item from boots, like soap and glory products, I always try to come here first. A while ago I made a visit here and I managed to get all of this for just £30.

 I picked up a few soap and glory products which had great discounts. Slim Wear £1  and Scrub your nose in it £3. I've repurchased Scrub your nose in it in the past after loving the product so I picked up another back up for when I run out. I've never used Slim Wear so hopefully I will love this too!

I then got this body exfoliator Sugar Crush, I've never used this until now and I love the lime smell it's really nice fresh and fruity. I think this is the old packaging too so it might look different in stores now. This was £2.

The other 2 soap and glory products were Mighty Mouth and Return to Slender. I've used Mighty Mouth before and think it's great for putting in your handbag to keep lips hydrated. Return to slender is a new one for me so hoping it's as good as the rest.

The christmas cards were 50p so I picked those up (everything was bought before Christmas) and the 17 eyeshadow and blush were 75p each. Never used this brand before so for this price I thought I'd try it out. I love blue eyeshadow and the blush was a nice neutral shade.

The harajuku perfume was £3 so I picked it up, it's only a 10ml bottle but I really loved the smell. It's the G summer scent so I'll probably be using this in the summer. The small size also means it's great for when I travel.

The Lancome palette was the biggest spend at £15, which was about half price. I think the original price was £30/£35. I'll probably do a separate post on this, but the colours were a matte black and some greys/silvers. 

For anyone wondering where the boots store is, it's the one in Beckton so if you're ever in the area or live in London you can take a trip out if interested. 

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