Saturday, 2 June 2012

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

I'd been wanting to try out NYX jumbo eye pencils for a while, so when I had the chance I picked up two from ULTA. I only got two but I wish I'd gotten a few more, they have a really great colour range. The two colours I got were Milk and Cottage Cheese. Both of these are quite talked about and popular. I think they are quite versatile colours.

Milk is a pigmented matte pure white shade and Cottage Cheese is almost the same colour but a shimmer finish, although the pigmentation isn't as high on this one it's still pretty good.

I think these are really great products to have because they work in so many different ways. They can work as a great base for your eyeshadows or even as a brow highlight or inner corner highlight. I think Milk would be great to use on your waterline to help your eyes look more open. I'd like to know if there's an off white colour too, because sometimes white can be too harsh but I think with just enough it can look a lot nicer. These could even be used to highlight your cupid's bow if sheered out enough!

I wouldn't want to use these particular colours on their own as white is a harsh colour to be worn by itself but there are tons of other colours and shades available that I think would look great applied on their own.

 These are also quite inexpensive at £4.50 and can be purchased at and ULTA.

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