Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MAC Sinfully Chic Face Kit

The Sinfully Chic face kit from MAC was part of their holiday collection for 2012 called Fabulousness. I was late in buying anything from this collection, trying to hold back a little on buying so much makeup but I eventually caved and bought this. I must admit that the packaging this year really did sway me, it's got to be the most beautiful holiday collection from them yet (in terms of packaging). I've never actually bought from their holiday collections before so I was interested to see what was on offer. As I don't own that many MAC items, I thought this would be a great way to try a range of their products. I do own a few lipsticks and lip glasses, both of which I love! So getting the blush and eyeliner was a plus. 

This set seems to big the biggest in terms of size, kind of like a clutch bag. And while I think it would be great just to pick up this set and take it with me, it can be a bit bulky so I've taken the items out and put them into my makeup bag to save space. You can also change out the products if you want which I think is a nice idea if you're going for a different look. The only other thing I'm worried about with the silk pattern would be getting it dirty, the texture seems like it would attract a lot of dirt so I haven't taken mine out. It sits on my shelf looking pretty instead.

Once you open the set, the two sides are divided by a mirror. There is a pouch with a travel size blush brush in (MAC 129) and you can always add your own brushes in with this. I already own the 129 travel brush when it came out with the wonder woman collection and I think it's great for when you are limited on space and it does the job. I have heard that the travel size brushes are nowhere near the same quality as full size but as I don't own the full size I can't compare. This brush is still better than a lot of other brands though.

The lip glass (be nice) included in this set is a pretty champagne colour, when on the skin it does come out clear and has quite a few glitter particles. The lipstick (Out to please) is a slightly orange toned nude, I think on my skin this would wash me out so if I were to use this I think I would put a more brighter gloss over the top. 

My favourite items in this set are the blush and eyeliner. The blush (pursue your passion) is much more orange than it looks on the site, it's a warm bronzey colour. I do like this a lot and don't use a bronzer when I wear this, I will sometimes put a more pink toned blush just on the apples of my cheeks to give my face a bit more colour. 

The eyeliner (technakhol liner in graphblack) is very soft and very pigmented, it glides on the skin so smoothly and doesn't budge all day. It's also really easy to take off at night. This is an eyeliner that doesn't need sharpening, you just twist the top whenever you need more. So an all around good product in my books! This is no longer available but if you are interested in the fabulousness collection, Debenhams still have a lot on their website.

What did you think of MAC's 2012 holiday collection? Did you purchase or receive any of these items? What would be your favourite product from MAC?

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