Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Pretty Committee

I'm always on the look out for sales/bargains on cosmetics, especially the high end products as sometime's it can get pricey. I managed to find this benefit set at Sephora and as Benefit cosmetics rarely go on sale I decided to get it. As far as I know this set isn't available in the UK or from the Benefit official website so I'm assuming it's a Sephora exclusive. It's a shame we don't have a Sephora in the UK anymore because it's still has stores around Europe. I hope they consider at least shipping to the UK. 

This set retails for $38 and it's value is $86 so there's quite a big saving. The set includes Stay Don't Stray Primer, Bella Bamba boxed powder, Eye Bright, and High Beam travel size. 

Three of the items in this set I was planning on buying anyway and the High Beam I already have so I think I might give this away to my sister because I have too much high beam already.

The Bella Bamba blush does have a sweet smell to it, I've heard it's supposed to be water melon which I kind of get. As always with Benefit boxed powders, there is some novelty which I like because it helps you remember the brand. This blush does have some shimmer to it so if you are more of a matte person you may not like this. The blush has a good colour payoff but I would recommend starting out with a small amount of product because a little can go a long way with this and if you want to you can then build it up. It's easier to add than take away. I've been wearing this blush almost every day. I think this would be the perfect colour to have with a tan in the summer. Retails for £23.50/$28

The stay don't stray primer can be used for both concealer and eyeshadows, although I have never heard of priming specifically for concealer. Anyone done it? does it work? I'd like to try it for concealer but not sure if it would be too much, I already prime my face with one or two primers then add concealer and foundation. I like the packaging on this with the exception of the pump, it's hard to control how much product comes out and even when pressing slowly it still gives too much. I would say one slow pump is enough to do both eyelids and perhaps under eye concealer. I like that this product covers veins and discolouration which gives you an even base to work on. Retails for £19.50/$26

The eye bright stick is a milky pink nude colour with a creamy consistency, it also blends easily if you are looking for a less harsh line. I've been looking for a white eyeliner for a while as I've heard so many people say it really helps brighten the eye. I usually line my waterline with black so to have something a bit lighter is a nice change. Something I also like about this is that it's not a pure white so it won't give such a harsh look. It can be used to highlight the waterline/inner eye and the brow bone. Retails for £14/$20

High Beam is probably a highlighter you've heard a lot about, I've already got the full size and travel size versions of this so am no stranger to it. This is a liquid highlighter for the cheeks that is a milky pink colour with a tad of shimmer. I usually like to dot 3 times on the upper cheek and then lightly blend them in so it gives a natural look. Retails for £18.50/26 full size.

The back of the box also has a kind of how to manual, I know most are pretty straight forward but it could help with better application and is a great idea for anyone who is new to makeup or the brand.

Have you tried any of these products? Are you a fan of Benefit cosmetics? Would you recommend any of these products?

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