Sunday, 25 March 2012

Back From San Francisco and Yosemite!

Alcatraz//Giant Cupcake at Louis Vuitton//Ghirardelli//China Town//Pier 39//Coronita at Bubba Gumps//Cable Car//San francisco from Alcatraz//Golden Gate Bridge//Union Square//Tunnel Tree//Crab Cakes at Morton's//Fortune Cookie Bakery//Solitary Confinement Cell//

Still in California right now, I leave in just under two weeks but my week in San Francisco and Yosemite was amazing! It was snowing in Yosemite and we weren't prepared at all. I really wanted to see some giant sequoia's and Mariposa Grove was closed due to snow and ice so we went somewhere else. We was told it was about a one mile hike but seemed more like three, you could tell I'm not the outdoors type, I went hiking in converse and brought the ipad lol. San Francisco was fun too, quite cold there though and some crazy people! Alcatraz was so creepy but awesome, would definitely recommend going if you're ever there. Also hello to all my new subscribers, it was so hard not being able to blog in over a week. I have so much I want to blog about so hopefully I'll have some time on my hands in the next few days :) Hope you are all doing well, I'm gonna go catch up on some blog comments xx


  1. lovely to hear that your having a good time! im so jealous! have a great trip xx


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