Friday, 2 March 2012

All you need is faith and trust…

And a little bit of pixie dust!

Ok I admit it, I LOVE Peter Pan and I always ride Peter Pan's flight when I'm in a Disney park with all the other 'kids' (best ride ever, no?)

So when I came across this palette about 4 or so weeks ago, I knew I'd love it. I mentioned it in my ASOS haul but hadn't yet had a chance to play around with it. This is my first PIXI purchase and I've been wanting to try their products for a while. The packaging is what drew me to this to begin with, I love that it's not the usual cartoon version of Tinkerbell we always see. The box itself is a light shade of yellow where as the palette itself is classic pixi green with the same drawing by Disney artist John Quinn. What I like about this brand is the hands-on approach the creator Petra Strand has.

This palette is quite a neutral palette in terms of the colour selection which is good for people who aren't that into colour and I think will appeal to a bigger audience. I know some people will probably think that the packaging is quite childish and/or tacky but if you really like the product inside I'm sure the packaging can be overlooked. The palette itself is quite small and compact, and easy for travel. It comes with a double ended eye brush, double ended lip brush and a blush brush. Although these brushes may not be the best in quality I think it's nice to have them for when you are on the go. 

All the eyeshadows featured in this palette are shimmery, so if you aren't into that or prefer something more matte this palette may not be for you. As far as colour payoff goes, the pigmentation is pretty good in the eyeshadows. The blush palette is made up of 3 different shades, all quite shimmery and more like highlight colours. Unless you are using a small brush it would be quite difficult to use the shades individually. 

I really liked trying out the lip colours for this as I'm not usually into lip creams. I applied them using the brush provided in the palette and although they didn't give a lot of pigmentation I like the sheen and colour they gave my lips without looking overly done
{Lip Creams}

I love that PIXI has teamed up with disney to create a palette themed around one of the most famous pixie's, Tinkerbell.  The PIXIGLOW Fairy Face Palette retails for £36 and can be found at,, or alternatively you can visit their Flagship store just off Carnaby Street. For anyone in the states, PIXI products are also sold at Target.

What are your thoughts on the PIXI GLOW Fairy Face palette? Have you purchased from the PIXI brand before?


  1. The packaging is so cute! The colours all look gorgeous aswell, especially the eyeshadows! Great post :) x

  2. This looks like such a pretty little palette :) I sometimes see Pixi things in TK Maxx! x

  3. This looks so pretty and cute! I haven't bought anything from Pixi before!


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