Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sprinkles Cupcakes & back from California

I got back early this morning from my three week trip and was so worn out I just came home and slept. I thought I'd get a post in before bed :) 

Before I left for the airport we took a trip to Beverly Hills and visited the famous sprinkles cupcakes store after hearing about the new cupcake ATM. I decided to get one from the machine and one from the counter and see if there was a difference in taste lol. The ATM is really easy to use, you pick the cupcake you want and how many and press confirm before inserting your bank card and hey presto! I wasn't expecting much in terms of taste because all of the cupcake boutiques I've been too in London have sucked, the hummingbird bakery in my opinion is hugely overrated and overpriced. However these were some of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted, I was really surprised. Everything about it was great, it was a huge cupcake to begin with and cost $4 which might seem pricy but compared to other places I think it was really worth it. The ATM is awesome, as the cupcake is being sorted the screen goes to a camera and it shows you the machine dispensing the cupcake. Pretty cool. As far as comparison goes, the cupcakes were really fresh from both the machine and in store.  The shop is really small though and gets packed really fast, the line was out the door! I can't wait to go back here, this place doesn't disappoint. I can't wait for them to open one up in London! 

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