Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NYX Bourgeois Pig Blush

NYX is one of those brands that is difficult to find in the UK. There are some sites here that sell their products but I like to see a product before buying it. So when I visited ULTA a few weeks back I made sure to check out the NYX section. I'm a blush addict so knew I'd be picking up one, the colour I decided to go with was "Bourgeois Pig". This is a medium pink matte shade. I usually go for shimmering shades in a blush so thought this would be something different. I think this shade is great for an every day blush and gives just enough colour to not look too overdone. I loved the packaging of these blushes, they're quite compact so great for putting in your makeup bag. I only like to use a little of this during the day but it is a buildable blush. I was impressed with the colour pay off of this considering how cheap NYX products are. This blush retails for $5.99 from ULTA or you can purchase NYX products on www.cocktailcosmetics.co.uk


  1. This must be one of NYX's newest powder blushes. It's a beautiful colour - I find that their blushes wear quite well too! I hope they bring out some more colours soon. xx

    1. I loved this when I saw it, it's a little different to what I'd usually choose too :)



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