Sunday, 8 April 2012

So what did I buy on my travels?

I've already started my posts on the beauty buys I got whilst away, instead of doing a full haul I thought I'd skip and do separate posts instead. Here's my haul on the non beauty items I bought on my three week trip :)

I knew I wanted to buy some magnets, I started a collection last year of buying magnets from the places I've visited. I picked up 5 in total (one not pictured). Two are from Yosemite national park and the other two are from Alcatraz San Francisco. They are now on my fridge next to my Mount Rushmore, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Ventura magnets.

While in China Town I found a squishy penny machine (penny press?) and another in Yosemite, I love these pennies. It's something small but different to take away from a trip.

As always whenever I'm in a big city and there's a Hard Rock Cafe I always have to stop and buy a pin (I think I'm a hoarder!). As I was there for St.Patrick's day I bought the pin for it along with the aquarium on pier 39 themed pin. And lastly I picked up a city pin for my sister.

I love coffee from the coffee bean and haven't seen this chain of shops in any other states so I always try and bring back some coffee beans. Last year I brought home the Holiday Brew and this year was requested to bring back some colombian coffee, it came with free filters too! They also sell refillable coffee cups and my sister wanted one of these last year so I finally bought one for her.

We're big fans of chai latte's in my house and I brought back a mix of this from Trader Joe's last year but we'd since run out so I bought a refill. And Finally from San Francisco I brought home some Ghiradelli easter chocolate from their shop. This is my favourite American chocolate, I really don't like Hershey's or See's Candies at all. I loved seeing the Ghiradelli factory and square and thought it would be great to bring back some from the city it originates from.

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