Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Wishlist & Update

As some of you may or may not know, I went into hospital yesterday for ear surgery and was discharged this morning, I'm so glad to finally be home in my own bed! So naturally the first thing I do is blog! lol I'm gonna have quite a bit of time on my hands these next few days as I'm not allowed to go many places, so hopefully I can make up for my week away from blogging :) To cheer myself up from the pain I've been browsing/buying some products, good excuse right? Here's what's on my (get well?) wishlist.

1: Amaranthine Perfume, first off I think the name of this is just beautiful! I love Penhaligon's as a brand and first smelled this perfume when it released in 2009 in their Covent Garden store. Have wanted to buy it ever since, maybe one day soon :) This available from their stores and website.

2: Especially Escada Perfume, I smelled this in Debenhams a few months back and fell in love with the smell, I held off buying it at the time though. Let's see who I can convince to buy it for me to get better ;)

3: Paul and Joe Midsummer Night's collection shimmering pressed powder. I love Paul & Joe cosmetics and their packaging I think is just flawless, I love anything to do with fairy's in general and love a midsummer night's dream so when I heard about this collection I knew I'd fall in love! As far as I know you can buy this at Fenwick on Bond Street, have not seen it on ASOS along with the rest of the collection, unless it sold out? I hope not!

4. Les Merveilleuses de Laduree, I'd only recently discovered that Laduree had a makeup range unfortunately it is currently only available in Japan as it's manufactured by a Japanese brand. I think you might be about to buy from their website and get it shipped internationally but I'm not sure and would assume it would cost quite a bit. I've also heard this could be available around Autumn time in Europe, I really hope so! In the mean time I guess I'll just have to stare and wish!


  1. Great choices hun! Hope your ear gets well soon hehe!!



  2. Hope your ear feels better soon. I'm lusting after the Paul and Joe Midsummer Night collection so bad but I really cant afford it this month :( xx


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