Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dark Shadows European Premiere

So... I'm a total Johnny Depp fan geek and have made it my goal to stalk him... ok maybe not quite that bad but whenever he's in London for a premiere I try and go along to meet him. I did try meeting him on the set of Pirate's 4 a few years back in Greenwich and although I got to see the original movie set and kind of see them filming I got bored waiting not knowing if he'd come out to sign after filming. So today he was once again in London for the european premiere of Dark Shadow's, I woke up WAY too late and wasn't even sure whether I'd make it down there, usually I'm there for 8am and I'll wait the entire day but today I got there at 2:30pm which is late for me! lol I did manage to see him again and get his autograph along with Tim Burton's and a few others.

I know it seems to bizarre to wait 10/11 hours just to get an autograph and 10 seconds with someone but the rush you get when they're really in front of you is so worth it, especially when you're a huge fan. It's also really nice to get to know and talk with everyone around you. Tim Burton was, as always, the most nicest person I've ever met! When I saw him at the Sweeney Todd premiere he came over and said "who's next then?" he loves to give out autographs and always thanks people for coming, and that's not something I can say for everyone. I was really excited that Richard Zanuck signed for me, I was shocked no one knew who he was! Probably one of the biggest producers in Hollywood! I also managed to get one of the plastic poster boards they strap to the barriers :)

Here are the photos I took of the day along with my autographs :) I managed to get Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Chloe Grace Moretz, Richard Zanuck and Jonny Lee Miller. I can't believe I now have Johnny's autograph 8 times, all of which I got in person except for 2.

Richard Zanuck
Chloe Moretz
Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Jonny Lee Miller


  1. I would love to bump into Tim Burton or Johnny Depp walking down the street. That would delightful, but i don't think I would wait an entire day...however.. I love that you did and maybe next time I will come along with you and see what it's like. :) Also, Tim looks fantastic in these photos!

    1. Waiting 10 hours does seem crazy! lol and it does take it out of you, I've come away from some premiere's with bloody hands lol they crowds can get quite rough but for the most part they're okay. I love Johnny Depp so I don't mind waiting, the feeling of having him look you in the eyes and talk to you is amazing and Tim really take's time with people even to take photographs :) x


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