Saturday, 26 May 2012

Coastal Scents Camo Quad

A while ago I made an order on the coastal scents website when they had a sale on, I think I spent around $35 in total for 2 palettes and a camo quad. I'd seen these mentioned a lot on youtube and so decided to try one out. I'm always hearing about how certain colours can tone down dark circles and redness on your skin so figured I'd give it a go and see for myself. 

I found it bizarre at first that there was even such thing as a green concealer, it didn't make any sense to me why you would plaster green on your face, I eventually found out that green helps conceal any redness in your skin. I haven't really heard very much about what the other colours do? I have seen several products that look similar to this, like the ELF powder which is supposed to even out your skin tone by swirling your brush into all the colours and I thought what a great idea. 

If I'm honest it felt weird putting these colours on my face, I always put concealer on before my foundation anyways but with these you'd definitely have to! I only really tried the green where there was red and sheered it out before putting my foundation over the top. I don't know whether I was doing it right or not but even after my foundation the green was still visible. I don't feel like it evened my skin tone out or that it concealed the red, it just made my face green! I find that using my regular concealer does a much better job at evening out my skin than this ever would. For me I feel like this is one of those products that in theory should work but doesn't when actually applied. I would love to know if anybody has had success with something like this. I've tried it out and now know it's not for me, unless there is some secret way of applying it in which case I'd give it a go.

Do you own any green/coloured concealers?


  1. Great post, i've been thinking about trying colour correcting concealer at some poing but if it makes you look greenish then I think i'm gonna stick to my MAC Studio Finish! xoxo

    1. I think I'll give it another go, maybe I'm putting it on too thick but I think something like a sheer colour correcting primer might do a better job? I'll keep testing to find out :) x


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