Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Summer Travels!

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the weather we've been having, I'm finally out of hospital (again!) and can finally enjoy it too, even if it is from indoors! 

I hope to be enjoying even more sun this year when I go back to the states! My summer plans for this year are to go back to California to visit the bf again and take a short visit to Vegas. I visited Vegas for the first time last year with my sister and her friend, and had literally the most amazing time ever, it really is like nowhere else I've been. The heat there is sooo hot, when walking down the strip I basically walked in a zig zag line going inside a hotel and back out again because it's too hot outside and too cold inside! I think we're going to be there for 5 days 4 nights and will be there on July 4th! So hopefully I'll get to see some fireworks. It will be my 3rd time celebrating 4th of July in the states, the first being in 1996 and the second last year. 

I'm planning on staying for about 5/6 weeks and leaving around the 20th June, I haven't actually booked my flight yet (eek!) due to all my hospital visits and I need to get the all clear from my doctor so I can fly but all should be okay! 

There's so many thing's I want to do when I get to Vegas that I missed out last time. One of them is the Gondola's at the Venetian hotel, they sell out quite fast so I'm definitely  doing them this time. 

I'd also like to see the Lions at the MGM Grand, they go to bed at 8pm so I'll have to get there earlier. 

I'd love to eat inside the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel, it looks so beautiful and this hotel is one of my top 3. 

Have my Picture taken at the Vegas Sign! I missed this last time as it's not actually walkable or easy to get to but we'll stop off here at the start of our stay. 

Visit the Grand Canyon! I missed this last time too, as the tours they do are all day and I didn't want to spend an entire day there, plus there was so much to do I didn't have the time. We're going to drive there ourselves as the bf went to college in Arizona and knows the place well ;) 
Go to Fremont Street, this is what's known as "old Vegas" where they still have the old machines where they cash out in quarters instead of the vouchers that you hand in for cash.
Get a guitar full of margarita... why not right? lol

Play black jack, after last summer we all came back obsessed with black jack and the guy sitting next to me in one of the casinos helped me learn how it works, I mean the rules are quite straight forward but he taught me how the stats work etc and I ended up winning $300 that night so I'm hoping I can do it again!
The hotel we'll be staying at will be the Treasure Island which is opposite the Venetian and next to the Mirage, the reason we picked here is because we're not really fussed about where we stay and this weekend is going to be so expensive for most hotels and this one gave us the best deals. It looks like a nice hotel though and has a pirate boat outside.

So that's most of my plans I can think of so far, I'm sure we'll do a few more things here and I'll have some plans for California, we'll probably go take another visit to sprinkle's because that place was amazing and maybe some other thing's around LA and Santa Barbara, here are some of the photos from last summer :)
Don't wear a UCLA tshirt in Vegas unless you wanna get lots of comments from college guys ;)
Checking into Caesars Palace with a margarita in hand, I asked the receptionist if the hotel was pager friendly
The Black Jack pool at Caesars, waiting for the Rod Stewart press conference
Outside the Paris hotel
The pool at Caesar's Palace

Do you have any plans for this summer? Where are you planning on going?


  1. I have been to Vegas twice and it was amazing, but when I was 14 & 16 so would love to go again now I am over 21! Have a great time x

  2. I'm glad you're coming to Vegas. I've lived here for 10 years. July is like the height of summer. I minimize trips outside when the sun is out. If you ever get the chance, it's really beautiful April/May and then again more like late September/October.

    1. I visited in August last year, sooo hot! I didn't mind it so much though, it's a nice change lol


  3. That sounds like a fantastic plan for your summer! I have a few festivals booked but that's it at the moment.

    1. I havne't been to a festival for a while now, mostly because the price of staying for a weekend could be put towards flying across the pond :) x

  4. Wow what fantastic summer plans, I would love to be going!

    *I'm only small could you fit me in a case.....pretty please* ha ha

    I'm not sure what I'm doing over the summer yet :(

    Tanesha x


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