Monday, 13 February 2012

Surprise gift for Valentine's

So as valentines day is upon us, I thought I'd show you what arrived in the post last week. I knew something was coming as my boyfriend had told me and it needed to be signed for. So after it finally arrived I was so eager to open it and it was insisted I opened it on Skype. I was so confused at first as to what it was because on the box it came in, there was a sticker that said "JP" and this is one of the nicknames I call my boyfriend (I'll spare you the details). I opened it to find these booklets and that's when I got an idea of what it might be!

Beautifully packaged in this box and small bag was a black pearl bracelet! I was so over the moon at receiving this, it was quite unexpected even though I've been mentioning how much I love black pearls for a while. In the light it shines several different colours, mostly blue from what I can see and I love that because blue is my favourite colour. It's also perfect for a casual or a more formal outfit although I don't think I would like to wear this on a regular day in case of ruining it. One detail about it that I really liked was the Jersey Pearl logo which can be seen on the clasp, such a nice detail.

This company ships from Jersey (hence the name Jersey Pearl) and their website can be found here if you are interested in checking it out

Hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day however you are spending it!

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