Saturday, 11 February 2012

Green Finch & Linnet Bird

Hi there! I see you have stumbled across my blog, as this is my first post I figured it would be a good idea to give you a bit of an idea about who I am, what I like and what inspires me ect. I have been contemplating whether to create a blog for some time now (a year or two!) Blogging has never been something I've been too interested in doing because I just never knew what to blog about until I found you tube videos and beauty blogs, these are something that I found a big interest in and love reading through new blogs. I love to read about peoples reviews and what type of fashion they are in to, it's always nice to see what other people are liking and so I thought I would join in and show people what interests me. This blog is intended primarily for beauty and fashion but I will put some random blogs from time to time.

I apologize for the layout of this blog, I am in no way good at html! I have spent what seems like forever trying to get the layout and design of this blog just the way I wanted, I didn't want to start blogging until I knew the layout was right. But I'm scratching my head over it and for the time being it's similar to what I originally wanted. I'm sure in time I will pick things up and the design will gradually change.

So here is a little about me, let me start by saying my name is Rachael and I am a 22 year old graphic design student studying at Central Saint Martins college. I love all types of art, one of my favourite artists is Mike Ryden. I am very much into the whole pop surrealism movement. I love to visit museums whether it be local, in London or abroad. One of my favourites being the V&A. I also have a love for ballet which I gave up and kind of regret, maybe one day I will get back into it (as a hobby) and my all time favourite ballet would be Coppelia. I really enjoy visiting the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden whenever I get the chance. I also have a love for flightless birds it seems, penguins are one of my favourites and for Christmas last year my boyfriend adopted a penguin in my name and I called it Chilly Willy (lol, who doesn't love chilly willy?) In early January she had chicks too!

The second photo is of me feeding an ostrich in Solvang, California. They were quite scary! California is one of the places I love visiting, I went for the first time last year in August to visit my sister who was studying there and then I went back last December to visit my boyfriend and will be going back for 3 weeks in March which I cannot wait for! The name for this blog was inspired by a song from the Sweeney Todd musical, which stars my all time favourite actor, Johnny Depp. I was lucky enough to attend this premiere and meet him, one of my most remembered moments. Anyways I shall end it here as I don't want to start blabbing :)

I hope you enjoyed my first blog!


  1. Have just read a few of your posts.... found you through bbloggers# and look forward to more!

    1. Thank you :) It was my first bbloggers chat and I really enjoyed. Glad you like the blog too x

  2. I have just sat and read all of your posts hun, and I am excited to read more, your blog layout is beautiful and looks really profesional!!

    Looking forward to getting to know more about you :)



    1. Thank you Em, that's very kind of you :) I don't mind the layout so much but I'm a fussy person haha. Glad you are enjoying my blog x


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