Friday, 17 February 2012

Forever 21 haul

Last week I had a 2 and a half hour lunch break, so I ventured to the Forever 21 store on Oxford Street and although I never planned on buying anything it's almost always guaranteed that I will. The temptation is just too much! I didn't pick up any clothing because I'm trying really hard to not buy clothes for a while as I bought SO much last year, I don't have anywhere to put them and have a few things in my wardrobe that have yet to be worn. So as Forever 21 is famous for their jewellery section I made my way over there. If you've not seen the jewellery section of Forever 21, you NEED to. It's so amazing just to look at even if you don't find anything you like.

I picked up three rings. The sizing scale in Forever 21 isn't just S/M/L it's in numbers so 6/7/8 are what you'll usually find. The three I got were all size 8 which fits fine on my right hand but is very loose on my left. The first ring is this over-sized round off white ring surrounded by crystals which I absolutely love. 

The Second one is this really nice pink flower design which which flows along your finger. I loved this as I've really gotten into flowers and find this ring to be quite fantasy-like.

And the third and last one was this cluster of daisy flowers with crystals in the middle, this ring is on the smaller side compared to the first 2. I like to have a variation of sizes for the days when I want something less fancy.

The other two things I picked up were a bracelet and a necklace. The bracelet is made up of pearls, gold chain and a black ribbon all woven together. It also came with 2 bangles.

And lastly this necklace. I'm loving ribbon at the moment and have been searching everywhere since last year for a necklace like this and have only just found one. It is very similar to the Lanvin designs. I think I'm going to try making something similar to this over the weekend, so hopefully it turns out well!

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