Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Shoe Collection (heels)

Last year I think I went a bit shoe crazy and developed a bit of an addiction I guess you could say. I'm a bit picky with what kind of shoes I like so when I see it I have to buy it. This year I've told myself no more shoes. Let's see how well that goes! I'm trying to save for a pair of Jimmy Choo's, so with that in mind it might give me some will power to say no, and every time I want a pair of shoes I might put some money into the fund. I find that with these shoes I remember where and when I bought most of them, so I'll tell you a little bit about each one.

1] Bought these at New Look about 3/4 years ago I think, I use them mostly for job interviews
2] These I got to go with my blue dress from New Look for new years eve 2011
3] Bought these New Look about 3 years ago, I love the peep toe and lace
4] I got this pair in Los Angeles last year
5] I really like these, I got these at the Beverly Center, they're by Bagdely Mischka
6] Madden Girl: Bought these for about $12 reduced from $65 in California last December
7] Steve Madden, bought these in Vegas last August
8] Madden Girl, also bought these in Los Angeles at the Beverly Center
9] Bought at New Look, I love the lace on these and the strap, really comfortable to wear too
10] Steve Madden, bought in California. Probably the highest heels I own!
11] Bought these at Dorothy Perkins, I love their shoes so much and I loved the ribbon on these
12] Same with these, I loved that they did up with pink ribbon, bought these from Faith at Debenhams
13] These are my latest shoes, bought them from primark reduced from £18 to £6 to picked a pair up
14] These are Versace by H&M, I didn't go to the opening day of this collection so to find a size 5 the day after I was pretty lucky as there were maybe 2/3 pairs left. The arch on these is quite steep so although it isn't a big heel it still takes some getting used to!

I think it's safe to say I love Steve Madden haha. Are you as much into shoes as I am? Do you have a favourite pair?


  1. I LOVE those nude shoes with the ribbon bow!

  2. WOW!!! That is an amazing collection, I am a shoe-aholic too!! It's a shame my job consists of wearing weelies (no-I am not a farmer lol) I work with animals.




  3. Replies
    1. Last year was def my shoe addiction year :S lol Banning myself from buying any for now x


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