Friday, 20 July 2012

Finally Back!

I know it's been a looooonng time since I last blogged, after my surgery a few things happened which I got sorted and then more things happened etc... I just got so busy and didn't have any time to blog :( I have soooo much I want to blog about so hopefully in the coming days I can get back into the regular posting :) I'm in California at the moment, I arrived yesterday after a long 16 hour journey! My original plans didn't work out, I said I wanted to leave around the 20th June but when I saw my doctor he said I wasn't permitted to fly until another 4 weeks, so 6 days ago I booked a flight a came out. It was very last minute and I've been rushing around trying to get everything sorted.

Thursday I spent the entire day in London for the The Dark Knight Rises premiere, probably wasn't a good idea to go a day before I flew out here but I am so glad I went. I got to Leicester Square around 9:30am with a friend, and in the middle of the garden was a gigantic bat head! I managed to get autographs from Johnathon Nolan, Pixie Lott, Richard E Grant, Tom Conti, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy and they were all SO nice! As soon as the premiere had finished I cut my poster board off the barriers (as you do) and we got the train to the IMAX in waterloo where the cast were gonna be shortly after we got there for the other premiere. It was on a much smaller scale, I went there hoping to get Christians Autograph but didn't manage to. The highlight of my day was having Tom Hardy wave to me from his car while everyone else there was more interested in Mr.Bale who arrived before. So all in all a pretty good day. 

And to end the post, a pic of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy standing in front of me ;) 

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