Saturday, 11 August 2012

Take me out to the ball game!

Wednesday evening I went to LA to see my first ever baseball game at the Dodgers stadium, I've wanted to go to a baseball game for years. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan but I do enjoy watching it on tv and I find it much more interesting than football (English football). The tickets we got were purchased from Stub Hub which is a great website where people who have season passes and can't make it on a certain day will sell their tickets, the total price for tickets was $16 for two. Bargain! 

It was kind of a last minute decision to go to a game and I hadn't brought my Dodgers tshirt that I'd bought a few months back so I went out last minute to find a new one. I didn't find any women's shirts sadly and all the men's smalls were gone too, so I had to settle for a large kids shirt haha! Maybe it was juniors? I'm not sure but it definitely wasn't an adult size.
The front of the shirt just says Los Angeles with the number 22 underneath. The back has a big '22' and the name 'Kershaw' which is the guy who pitches for the Dodgers. I tied a knot on the side of the tshirt to tighten it a little and I think it looks a lot better this way than just a big baggy tshirt, I just paired it with some grey shorts from American Eagle and pair of blue and white Ralph Lauren espadrilles

If you've ever played rounders in school, baseball is pretty much identical. There are a few differences, like the bat is bigger and longer and instead of batting with one hand you use two. It's quite easy to follow and if you don't understand just look at the screen or ask the person next to you ;)

The most fun is in the crowd, someone started a wave and it went around the stadium about 5 times in a row. They also do a kiss cam and some guy proposed to his girlfriend on it, then they have a dance cam. Just watching everyone is really fun. 

As usual with sports arena's the food was overpriced but the Dodger Dog I had was so good and I couldn't go to a baseball game and NOT have a hot dog.
For my first ever baseball game and the price it cost to go, I had an awesome time. Not only that but it ended well with the Dodgers winning, yay! It was so much fun not just to watch the game but interacting with the crowd. I'm hoping to go and see the Dallas cowboys this weekend as they're in the area for practice and all games are free :) 

Have a good weekend! 

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  1. This is a gorgeous post! You say so much of interest hehe! I have never been to America, thusfore never seen a baseball game, but I always think they look fun when I see them in movies! That is hilarious that you got a kids shirt, and shows your dedication to wearing a team shirt! Go you!
    The kiss cam and mexican waves sound great too.. This post just managed to make me really happy imagining what it was all like!

    Rachael I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog award, cos you're so awesum!
    Go check it out :)

    rachael xxx


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